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H. Brothers Painting's Story


"Where treating you like family is never an extra"

                                                                                                  -H. Brothers Painting Inc.

H. Brothers Painting, Inc., is the result of the combined effort of two brothers, two companies, and years of painting experience.  Keith Hilgart started painting for a Ramsey contractor in 1994.  During the summers, between college courses, Lloyd began painting with the same contractor.  Three years later, Keith started his own company, KTH Painting Inc.  During graduate school, Lloyd continued to help his brother until he decided to branch off on his own.

In 1997, Lloyd started A.J. Holden Painting, Inc., by sending out letters to local builders in an attempt to build a partnership.  He received a reply from Novak Construction, Inc., of Becker and Lloyd's been painting with them since.

Keith and Lloyd, and their respective companies, have worked together on many projects over the years. However, as each increased their client list and added more employees, this seemed to be happening less and less.  This trend continued until 2005 when the two brothers started talking about streamlining operations and turning two distinct visions into one synergy.  As a result, in January of 2006, H. Brothers Painting, Inc., was born.  Keith and Lloyd now feel that, because of the partnership, that they have much more control over details as well as the ability to take a break from work knowing that the company is left in more than capable hands.

Keith and Lloyd Hilgart are partners, best friends and, first and foremost, brothers with one thing in mind: providing the highest quality residential and commercial painting service in the area.